Style is something we all want!  Some people feel style is something only a few can strive for.  I disagree!  Style is a way of expressing yourself, its your signature on the world.  Style is a way of being true to who you are.  I hope you agree when I say, the world would be better off with more stylish people.

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Envision Yourself

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How do you tune out the noise from all sides telling you what your style is or should be? You use the same tool that fashion designers use to explore, focus, and refine... READ MORE

Wardrobe Style Cards

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Have you ever wondered “What am I going to wear?” Or “Did I wear this outfit the last time I meet with this person?”  How about just feeling overwhelmed when you look at... READ MORE

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In one of my Facebook groups last week, someone asked a simple question.  “Who wants to make money from their blog connect with brands? Put your email address in the box blow.”  As... READ MORE

Fashion is Like Art

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  This week’s episode of “I have no idea what to write” stems from an over large idea of launching our new product line of wardrobe stationary.  That’s right, you heard me, wardrobe... READ MORE

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