The Art of Being in Beauty: Workshop One

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We all have an audience, it’s all around us.  It’s every person we encounter every day.  Like an actor on stage, you engage this audience with how you present yourself.  This daily interaction is a conversation, not with words, but with your appearance and how your appearance causes you to interact with the world around you.   “The Art of Being in Beauty:Workshop One ©”, helps you understand the basics of this conversation.  Discover some of the reasons behind the choices you make when you get dressed every day.

Come join us for a free one hour class on betterment of self through discovering your Personal Style.  This unique workshop addresses the concept of self-growth through your wardrobe and self-presentation.

In this workshop, we will go over the principles of “Your Message The Art of Being in Beauty ©”.  A 12-step program developed by Candid and Classy to help you make yourself a priority in your own life.   As you enhance your awareness of self, you will stop fighting against the inner you, and stop ignoring your need to be happy.   We will show you the tools to become the person you want to be, see yourself with value, strength, self-love and inner calm though discovery of your Personal Style.

We will touch on the importance of filling yourself up, so you have more to give.  When your self-care basket is over flowing, that extra boost can overflow from you on to the people around you.   All this begins to happen while becoming more stylish and more self-expressive.


Some of the highlights:

      • You remember your worth
      • Self-growth through understanding the whole conversation
      • Turning down the pressure of consumerism
      • Express yourself with style and grace
      • Discover what it is to Be in Beauty


Call Marie at Candid and Classy, today, to hold your spot for the “The Art of Being in Beauty: Workshop One ©” at (248)-308-5520.


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