I’m Marie, and I believe that looking good is kin to feeling good and we all want to feel good.  My journey to a better dressed self has shown me that looking good is NOT just about having a tailored style, it is about having a personal style.

I know how the power of self-image can affect everything from a person’s confidence to their peace of mind. Helping people feel comfortable with how they look is something I feel very passionate about.

To see change in a person from when I meet them to where they go as we work together is an amazing thing.  Encouraging a client’s self-esteem is a large part of what I do and seeing their confidence bloom is one of the great joys of my work.  That connection I get from working with people is something that motivates me to give my clients the very best every time I meet with them.

I feel particular passionate about Michiganders because I am one.  Born and raised on the West-side of the State near Grand Rapids. I returned to the state in 2015 after leaving in 2009 to live in the Washington DC area, and then near Dallas Texas. In the end I missed home so moving back to Michigan was very exciting. There are many lovely places in the world but there is something to be said for understanding the local lingo.

In addition to my own experience in developing a personal style, I hold an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and worked as a designer for Union of Angels.  Along the way I learned that I cared more about making the person wearing the clothes feel good than making the clothes. As a personal stylist, now I do just that.  I look forward to helping you develop not just a style, but YOUR Personal Style.


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