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In one of my Facebook groups last week, someone asked a simple question.  “Who wants to make money from their blog connect with brands? Put your email address in the box blow.”  As I am such a nubby to the blogging world I should admit, I thought that there was a company out there who’s brand was actually called Brands. So, after searching this terminology I figured out that this is a generic term used to indicate company that have the paternal to heir bloggers/vloggers.

So of course, I was like, “Yea, I want in!”

So down went my email address.  Within that same day I received an email from the person who had posted in my Facebook group, this email contained a link, with a thanks for being interested feeling.  After following the link provided, and I must say I was rather skeptical about clicking on the link.  But after following it I came to a website I had never heard of before, called

The concept behind is connect influencers and brands. Talk about blowing my mind…. You mean that I can concentrate on building my list and putting out good content and brands can find me, or I can look for jobs as an influencer, YES PLEASE and THANK YOU!

The site is easy to navigate and simple to understand, the lay out is self-explanatory. I was so giddy when I looked at the interface and saw that even I could understand what was going on.

So, all that said. You connect all your social media platforms through as a trusted third party. Which in turn gives you as an influencer or brand protection from a raw deal.

As an influencer aka blogger/vlogger if you enroll another influencer think about this, “We give you 5% of the earnings of all your registered referrals the first 12 months (the service fee we charge brands on bookings, we’re giving to you).”

So there in incentive to Share, Share, Share!!!

You can even register as a business through

If you are interested in finding out more about click here


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