I’m Heidi.  I believe that as we travel through life, your style will change many times.   Demographic, environment, what is available, and  life all contribute to possible changes. The hard part is finding that trend, a personal style, that fits in all the spaces of your life.  Then figuring out how to transition to and from different phases of life and still look and feel good.  I want to help others be successful in finding that style and help ease those transitions.

        Outwardly, I have seldom lacked self-confidence.  Little do people know, I am often a fake it ’till you make it kind of girl. I’m lucky , it works for me. When it doesn’t,  I make it work.   Most of the time I do this using fashion.  Sometimes I wear the clothing, sometimes the clothing wears me . My GOAL?   To always wear my clothing.  The clothing I put on needs to be an extension of whatever aspect of my personality I choose to put forward on any given day.  With or without what my husband calls “war paint” (makeup).

I love working with other people.  Talking to them,  seeing their potential, and helping them to see their potential.  Helping others feel comfortable in their own skin is something that brings me joy.  I love to shop, and shop with others.  The best times are when you can look at someone and hand them a garment to try on because you just KNOW it will look great, or that they will love it.    Then watch them come out of a dressing room head held high, should back and smiling because they KNOW they look good.

I have had the unique experience of living on the West coast, the East coast and the upper Midwest.  And OH how the fashion shifts for each of these regions.  This has given me an interesting perspective on style.

I did early degree work at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill California and a four month program from Contra Costa Community college for my CNA certification. I spent 2 years working at a fantastic hospital.   I decided to return to college in ‘03 and finished my Associate’s in Liberal Arts from Finlandia University in Hancock, MI.  My focus there was on pre-nursing and Psychology.   During this time I made the effort to significantly improve my sewing skill.  It runs mostly towards historical costume and reenactment but those are my two largest hobbies.  Sewing for what I love makes me happy.

Working in the medical field was wonderful, and I loved it.  But it presented problems. First, no one looks particularly good in scrubs.  Second, scrubs are very forgiving.  You can gain a lot of weight , and I did, without it impacting how your work clothing looks or how it fits you.  Even returning to college was not of any particular help in this area.  Upper Peninsula Michigan is cold. And my poor California girl constitution was layered with thermals and sweatshirts and snow pant/parkas 5 months out of every year.  It’s hard to dress cute when you’re freezing.  I joined the Business Casual working world to realize I needed to find myself and my personal style all over again. I know what I want, and I am working hard, with Marie’s help, to get there. Now, it is my joy, to work with Marie to help others gain confidence in themselves and find their own Personal Style.   And I look forward to helping YOU do that.


Now, I have the honor of working with Marie to help others gain confidence in themselves and find their own Personal Style.   And I look forward to helping YOU do that.

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