Fashion is Like Art


This week’s episode of “I have no idea what to write” stems from an over large idea of launching our new product line of wardrobe stationary.  That’s right, you heard me, wardrobe stationery products.  Products designed to make your wardrobe easier to navigate and help you remember when you last wore that outfit ,and who you met with the last time you wore it.  The trouble is I don’t think the line is ready!  In reality, it is ready and I have all the packages ready to go, everything is lovely and pretty.  Then I realized that I am not ready. What does this mean? Products I make, with my own to hands and mind, will be out there in the world for people to make use of and enjoy!


But every time I tried to write this blog I would get interrupted; my brain would shut down or something would piss me off.  So, instead of sharing my very new awesome product that will come out on the first of next month,  I want to share something very important to my heart.

Why I love fashion!

I love fashion because it lets you open up to the world and show off what you like about the world and yourself.  I love fashion because it your testament to growth.  For me, fashion is discovering how you feel and expressing that discovery to those around you.  It’s about never growing up, keeping our innocence of spirit to play dress up, and doing it all without self judgment. Refraining from negative self judgement is something that so many of us struggle with.  I love that fashion tells the story of where we are, where we have been and where we want to be in a cleverly coded way.


Fashion is a huge part of our culture.  It leaves its fingerprints on every facet of our existence.  It is a reflection of how people of the past thought and felt about the world events going on at the time. And for those that are more in the thick of fashion it gives insight to the moods of our time as they happen.  On a deeper level, it can be a record of the struggles, and trials of the people and world that forged it.


Most of all, I love the connection to art and the possibility that fashion represents. I don’t see clothing from the past as costumes. I see it as historical clothing, or authentic cultural garb.  Clothing can be a force for inclusion, exclusion, or a declaration of independence and everything in between.   Fashion is an art. When it is done right, it is uplifting, freeing and timeless,  a vehicle through which you can reach the pinnacle of wonder and self-discovery. However, when it’s done wrong you have, at best, a complete puzzle of emotional upheaval, and at worst trends that in a few short years or possibly months leave you wondering what you or anyone else were thinking. In both these cases, fashion, like the art that it is, is a creative outlet of self-expression and creativity.



I invite you to tell me why you love fashion.



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