1. Does Candid and Classy Work with both Men and Women?


At this time, we only accept female clients for personal styling. In the future this might change, we feel that men have just as much right to look and feel amazing. Right now however, we just don’t have the right experts on staff to help guide them.


  1. Does your stylist have a formal education?


I hold an associate’s degree in fashion design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.


  1. What happens during a personal shopping session?


Before the shopping session I sit down with my client and discuss their needs and arrange a meeting at the store or stores; depending the client’s preference, where we will do the shopping. I then go to the stores an hour or two before the client arrives and select clothing based on your style and relevant information. When the Client arrives all they have to do is try on the per-selected arrangement of items. While they are doing this we go over why I picked out that piece and how it will fit into the style we are developing for them.


  1. Is a Personal Stylist really for a regular person like me?


Having your own style is not about being “famous or influential” it is about being you, and presenting the best you possible.

How many times have you stood in front of a closet full of cloths, thinking, “I’ve don’t know what to wear,” or tried something on and said, “But this looked so good on…”

These are signs that seeking outside style help is in order.


That dress might have looked good on your friend because they have a different body type than you. That closet full of cloths isn’t doing any good if all the items don’t work together. A personal stylist will help you understand what does and does not work for you. They can give you peace of mind by showing you how to dress for your body and help you understand what your style is.  After all style is all about taste, you may also find that they help you by showing you where to shop.  We are all different and different stores cater to different style and body types, if you are shopping at the wrong store you will not find something that you like and works for you.


  1. What forms of Payment are accepted?


I accept cash, as well as all major credit and debit cards. For all forms of payment, a receipt at the time of payment.


  1. How long has Candid and Classy been in business?


I founded Candid and Classy in 2014 in Dallas, Texas. In 2015 I moved to Detroit, moving the business with me.


  1. How do you take appointments?


Make appointments through emails at cadidandclassy@gmail.com or by phone at 831-240-8861. Please call at least 48 hours in advance of your desired appointment time.


  1. Will you do my shopping for me?


Yes, for repeat clients I can arrange it to bring the clothing to you.  I needed to know the details pertaining to your need, in other words, what am I shopping for?

From your previous sessions, I can go shopping either on-line or at stores that fit your budget and style.

With this kind of shopping I still assemble full outfits for you with the same care as with me in-person sessions, however if I’m not sure of how a piece will fit I grab extra sizes. Once I’ve made the selections you are sent I need you to pay for the items before I can bring them to you, so I will provide the details you need to accomplish this.


In the case of a brick and mortar store, I then go pick them up and bring them to you for your appointment, and after selecting the clothing you want I return the rest. For on-line purchases, the order can be mailed to me or shipped to you, either way we schedule a session once the clothing has arrived. Once you have selected the pieces you want I will handle the returning of the unwanted clothing.


In the end you only pay for what you want to keep.


  1. Do you offer gift cards?


I offer gift purchases for a specific individual, but I do not offer generic gift cards. For a specific gift you need to contact me about what services you wish to gift, to whom, and pay for those services up front. I then contact the Recipient; including you on the communication, informing them of the gift and beginning the process of setting up an appointment.

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