Envision Yourself

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How do you tune out the noise from all sides telling you what your style is or should be?

You use the same tool that fashion designers use to explore, focus, and refine their ideas from
concepts to the fashions you see on the covers of magazines, on the runways of the world, and in the
stores around your home. You use a mood board.

A mood board in its simplest form is a collection of images selected from various sources and
gathered around a common theme, and affixed to a board. In our class we are going to guide your
through the process of creating your own mood board. The theme for the board we will create is you.
Once made we will show you how the collected images on your mood board can serve as a guide for developing your own style.

In the class the goal will be to focus less on the rules you might be using to guide your day to day style, and instead focus more of those images and elements of style that attract you the most. By focusing on what you are attracted to our goal is that you will find the making of your mood board a short journey of growth and self-discovery. At the end of that journey of our hope is that you will come to find yourself in a place of greater self awareness, knowing more about who you really are than before you came.

Through the process of making a more board, you might find a style or look that never would have thought you would like, or you might find that something you thought was a key element of your look is really  something that you’re not that into that much anymore.

In the class we will present examples of mood boards made with the technique you will learn by the Candid and Classy staff before we start the process of guiding you in your explorations of your own likes, interests and most importantly style through the tool of Mood Board creation.

Please bring your own fashion magazines that reflect your taste in clothing. You can also find images on the web and print them out if this is your preference. Poster boards, glue and scissors are included in ticket price.

The Highlights:

  • Image selection method
  • Identifying your taste
  • Refining your style
  • Style cohesion
  • Color palette creation

Tickets are available for purchase here.


Call Marie at Candid and Classy today, to hold your spot for the Envision Yourself at (248)-308-5520.


Date: December 2, 2017

Time: 3:00pm

Location: Life Yoga Studio, 20726 Hall Rd, Clinton Township, MI 48038


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