Dare to be Beautiful is about showing the many faces of beauty. The beauty I am talking about is not always physical, sometime the most beautiful people are the quiet ones that touch our lives in the most wonderful ways without us ever thinking about them as physically attractive.   But when we look back at how they have change our very existence they became so much more than just what we see.
This is the place where I chose to celebrate this idea.  It has guided me and taught me to be a more forgiving and an open minded individual. The common thread that pulls all these people together is not that they are a level 10 hottie. What pulls them together is the inspiration or impact they have made on someone else’s life.  This is a place for that someone else to say thank you, I appreciate you, you are so beautiful to me.
This is the place where the faces of beauty can be see. Dare to be Beautiful articles are posted every two weeks, we would love to have you check them out. If you have someone in mind you would care to nomination for an article let us know.  To read the articles hover over the person, then click on the text to read the whole article.


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