Wardrobe Style Cards

Have you ever wondered “What am I going to wear?” Or “Did I wear this outfit the last time I meet with this person?”  How about just feeling overwhelmed when you look at your closet wondering if you have anything to match or make an outfit from.  Well, this product Candid and Classy is introducing starting August 1st is here to help you with your wardrobe dilemmas.  I am pleased to introduce the C&C Fashion Key Cards.  Designed to help you make your wardrobe styling needs easier than ever! This items are now available for purchase Here!

To start,  I would like to introduce our Fashion Key Card Starter Pack.  This is a pack that includes an assortment of our style cards.  It includes, four for clothing and two for each of the other categories:  hair, makeup and your must haves shopping list. Each card is designed to help you get the most of out your time and wardrobe. You can even fold them in half and use them as small file folders to hold pictures of yourself in the style detailed on your card.  Having pictures of yourself in these outfits and stored with your Style Cards will help you reconnect with this look at a later date.  All of our Style Cards fit nicely in standard photo box to help you keep them organized.  How cool is that!

The cards are also sold in individual sets of ten as well.

The Clothing Style Key Card is where it all  began for us here at Candid and Classy! With our clothing style card,  you can write down the details of each outfit from what shirt or pants you wore including shaper wear ( also commonly called foundation garments) and record them in the correct category under the clothing pieces section.  Along with a place to record the comments and compliments people give you on your rockin’ outfit choice.  Next to the place on this card for you to place a photo of you in this outfit is our area marked for accessories.  Accessories can often make or break a style.  In the Accessories section, we encourage you to write down the accessories worn – in detail –  it’s not just your brown shoes,  they are your Chocolate flats with the open toe and matching hand bag.  You can also include specifics like maker or designer.  And don’t forget to fill in the stars on the bottom of the card for how much you Rocked It in that outfit.

The Hair Style Key Card has places for you to list the products used, notes, hardware – like bobby pins or clips- and so much more. The Styling Process is where you will record your pre styling treatments such as, second day hair or wet hair required.  With the styling steps you can record, in detail, your step by step instructions for styling your favorite looks.  And in the notes section you can write out things steps you would do differently next time or advice someone else might give you about the style.

The Make-Up Key Cards provide an easy to understand layout.  With places for products used and notes, along with an in depth area for recording your steps of creation similar to the Hair Style Key Card.  However, even more so, it also features an area that reflects the feelings behind your makeup look. For example: Everyday, Special Occasion or Glamorous, morning and so on.  Easily indicate whether this look is a morning, day, or evening look in order to remember for later!

The Shopping List has a place to record all your secret wants and desires for your wardrobe future!  Like the Make-Up Card, the Shopping List has a location for recording the feelings behind the list itself. For example:  I want a pair of red pumps because they make me feel beautiful and red is my favorite color.  It also has the convenience of a location to record your size measurements, and you are more than welcome to add other measurements that are important to you like shoes or calf measurements, or even your hat size!  You also chose to dedicate the list you are making to a specific season.

Each card also have a grid on the inside measuring roughly 3 squares to an inch.  The lines are In light heather gray and dark gray to help you keep track of the extra detail of your outfit however you wish to. For example, you can line up pictures you might tape or glue into the folder or sketches you make of your outfit.   It also makes writing neat notes easier.

We look forward to knowing that our products are helping you save time and have a more organized wardrobe!

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