The Art of Being in Beauty: Workshop One

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We all have an audience, it’s all around us.  It’s every person we encounter every day.  Like an actor on stage, you engage this audience with how you present yourself.  This daily interaction is a conversation, not with words, but … Continued

Stretch Fabrics

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  I love the way the guitar sounds, it has been in recent years that I have fallen in love with it.  Before I got to know the guitar my most beloved instrument was the harp, but as we all … Continued

Amazing Amanda

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Random, Funny and imaginative are words that I would use to describe a good friend of mine; Amanda. I count her as one of the most creative people I know. She still has that little girl’s ability to pretend and … Continued

Charming Candance

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Candance is beautiful because she is a guide. She helped guide me back to a healthier frame of mind, and I’m a stronger person for knowing her. The thing about Candance’s style that really stands out is her love of … Continued

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