Marie a self proclaimed fashionistas, who understands the plus size model and all that goes with that.  Heidi was a certified nursing assistant and is now a craftswomen by night and Candid and Classy partner by well all the other times she is not crafting.

Marie is the founder of Candid and Classy and she started C&C after graduating college.  Unsure of what C&C was going to turn into she let her passion be her guide.  Once back in her home state “Michigan,” she found battling her dyslexia in today’s tech world was becoming overwhelming.  So she teamed up with Heidi.  The melding of fashion and healing is an exquisite blend that hit on the idea of using fashion to revitalize the everyday women, through self discovery and care.

C&C generates income by wardrobe therapy, style coaching, the C&C product line and classes that are available in both the Metro Detroit and Lansing areas.

Our main blog is posted on the 10th of every month towards the end of the day.  However, from time to time we’ll post bonus blogs and guest appearances from different professionals to give you top-notch How-To’s and fresh information you deserve.

Candid and Classy is the home of Sacred Coreism.  Which is a new philosophy of personal enrichment that centers around the idea of beauty as a point of power.  We are highly passionate about beauty being a healing force!  You feed your Sacred Core to feel beautiful and in return your core feeds and revitalizes you. In so doing you fall in love with the most important person in your life, YOU!

So what does being in beauty mean to you?

If you’re curious and would like help finding out please follow us on our different social media platforms or give us a call for your free one on one consultation today.


Thanks for stopping by!


Marie & Heidi


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